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Your Name Here is an inter-media collective, active since 2004, spanning a variety of disciplines, based in Philadelphia but spanning the known world like the late Roman Empire.

An introduction:

{your name here} is an transmedia collective rooted in Philadelphia, PA and Portland, OR, but currently based in Den Haag, NL. We are a “pick up” company whose foundation is collective anonymity and collaboration. We work is on a case-­‐by-­‐case basis. Our members span a variety of disciplines, and we draw from our members based on the nature of the project. Our largest work had a cast of 13 people, but we also create solo work. We pride ourselves in diversity, flexibility and adaptability. Most of our work is site specific We host workshops, curate and represent artists, and perform regularly with the intention of facilitating new hybridities in art. We feel this can only happen through co-­ working, collaborations and dialogue.

Recent work:

Selected works are posted here. If you want to know more about everything we are engaged in,

contact us at info@yournameherecollective.com !

Date: Title: Details: More:
UPCOMING: August 22-28, 2016 COLOR BLOCK COLOR BLOCK RETREAT for artists of color to share space and community. It is a space held by and created for people of color to work/play/experiment around movement, improvisation and activism. Intensives will include topics such as:
How do we as movement practitioners train and strengthen the mind and body for healing in resistance to oppressive structures and systems?

email: colorblock00@gmail.com for registration
August 2014 Couples Therapy Ongoing Research/ Process Showing at RUG* in Berlin-Wedding, Germany

We will experiment with (our) relationships, explore the productivity of coupling, collaboration and the (dysfunction of the) monogamous paradigm.
We aim to discover and develop a structure/s for devising and performing as duets.
2013 Black/Out Collaborative performances at Ponderosa, Stoltzenhagen, Germany. Collaborators: Joy Mariama Smith, Jaamil Kosoko, Cat Perry, Manu J., Kiebpoli Calnek, Winnie Ho, Jules Beckman, Pablo Virgo, Adam Peditto, Aaron Water, Aaron Maier, Evelyn R Manlove, Raphael Xavier, and Germaine Ingram. Video
2012 Spells <fidget> Space | Philadelphia, PA Spells | Choreographer/Performer | October, 2012 Video
2012 Swit Swoo Performance/Choreography by Becca “girl” Jennings, Joy Mariama Smith, and Pablo Virgo
2012 Waste Equals Food for Thought Presented at COLLAGE Mini Collaborative Arts Festival, Latvian Society, Philadelphia, PA Video
2009 Anorak Performance/Choreography by Henken Bean, Greg Holt, Joy Mariama Smith
2014 I Do Not Have A Cellphone Performance/installation at Collage Festival, Philadelphia
2014 SISSY: BITCH {International Home Theater Festival 2014} Let your freak flag fly! .Artist performed for you their own analogies, or working from the SISSY BITCH theme. This installment was a benefit for the COLLAGE festival.



Joy Mariama Smith: Artistic Director

Joy Mariama Smith, M.Arch., is an architectural designer and performance and movement artist, specializing in performance installations. A graduate of the Newschool of Architecture and Design,Oberlin College and the Le Laboratoire d’Etude du Mouvement (LEM) program at L’ecole Interenationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Their study of movement over the past 20 years includes but is not limited to Contact Improvisation, Body Weather, Authentic Movement, and Modern Dance. They* believe that movement and form are symbiotic. Their practice is rooted in co-­working and evading boxes. They are currently focusing the active audience and collective anonymity.

Adam Peditto: Documentarian

Manu Cascales: Graphic Designer

Brendan Curtis-Burton: Staff Writer


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